Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Recycling Awareness

This was a great activity, i learned a whole lot about recycling. I learned that there's a lot more to recycling than just sticking things in a bin. There's a lot of things that can reused too, like bottles or paper. Also i learned that to make soil of your own all you have to do is bring all old food wastes or other materials together let sit for a couple months and it turns into soil!
I usually always use Recycling and Reusing out of all the four R's. What i always reuse is plastic bottles, we always recycle EVERYTHING at our house. I would like to try to make my own soil at home.
Tennyson High School is going to be improving on how we recycle. We're going to get more recycling bins on school grounds and especially in our classes. Not only are trying to get people into recycling but our leadership class was also going around talking to students about recycling and using the bins.
For more information go to http://www.stopwaste.org

Davis Street Transfer Center

The Davis Street Transfer Center is a place where waste is being reused, and turned into soil. About 250 people work in this 56 acre site that supports nearly 20 cities in the Bay Area.

Grover's Wonder Grow is the result of Alameda county's green bins. In Alameda County your yard trimmings and food waste is composted at their Vernalis facility using organic processes, and brought back for a rich soil amendment to your garden. They recycle 75% of the materials that go there. Restaurants and other companies send their food wastes or leftovers and other materials to their Gilroy Site so that they compost them.
Trash goes to the landfills; a Landfill is a huge hole on Earth where all the trash goes. The Landfill for Alameda County is in Gilroy.

Composting at THS Farm

Compost is when you bring food scraps together, keep them together for a couple of months and it turns into soil. The benefits of composing is that when the food scraps turn into soil you can use the soil for your garden or just to put in your yard.

Friday, May 2, 2008

Waste Audit

Bag of Trash:
In this activity our class was divided into groups. What we did was go around the school and classroom picking up trash to show how much trash we have.

Weighing the bag

After picking up all the trash, everyone that had a bag weighed it. Some were pretty heavy, which showed to me that we had a lot of trash around the school.

Dumping Trash on the Tarp

After weighing the trash we dumped it all out on top of a tarp.

Sorting the Trash

While the trash was on top of the tarp we sorted through it to see what types of trash there was.

Weighing the Piles
all the trash was divided into piles; bottles with bottles, glass with glass, paper with paper, and plastic with plastic


I think all classrooms should have different kinds of recycle bins, so that the trash can already be divided. Also have more recycle bins around the school so that it can be cleaner and make janitors lives more easier when they clean. In some trash things can be reused, recycled, rot, and reduced. Paper can be reused or even recycled; bottles can be recycled or maybe evn use them again if you just take the time to wash them.

Friday, April 25, 2008

Litter Survey

In this activity students of Tennyson High school took pictures around the school before and after lunch. They went out to the quad area, hallways, in front of the administration office, and the grassy knolls between the halls.
I noticed that before lunch time our school is way more cleaner than after. We compared the pictures and i was shocked.
Before lunch you barely see any kind of trash, maybe a little but its super clean in the morning.
After lunch...omg its a disaster! Food bowls, plastic bottles, pizza wrappers, FOOD, and candy wrappers EVERYWHERE!!!!!
Its crazy, after looking at all these pictures it makes me realize how much people really don't care about the school. I think we should start taking a little bit more pride in Tennyson High School, our school, and start making it look decent.

Thursday, April 24, 2008

My 4 R's

I'm not going to lie but at home i"m not the one that throws things away or goes and takes trash to the recycling bins
I usually just put bottles, cardboard, and glass together so that either my brothers or my step dad throws them away. We also reuse a lot of things too, we mostly ALWAYS reuse plastic bottles, we use cardboard boxes to put old things in.
I'm not quite sure about the whole rot thing, I never knew about rotting things, I never heard anyone doing something like that.
At my house we have a whole lots of recycling bins like the one in the picture here on my blog.
We mostly throw away soda bottles or plastic cups we use from restaurants in this recycle bin.